Ready Steady Go from The Age of Silver

A couple of lifetimes ago in dog years, I used to make a bit of coin for the owner of Western Images by pin registering 35mm film negatives for the high priests down the hall in the digital compositing engine rooms. Film wiggles and weaves on telecines unless you register the perforations such that you repeat what the camera did when the image was captured.
This was a tedious business and made a loud clacking of metal on metal that sounded to our dear managers like quarters piling up in sync with the sweep of the second hand.
Digital image acquisition has liberated me and you from this Silver Age buggy whipping. But on occasion we in post production get a case of the jitters, as in a bit of film transfer from Super 8mm or other gauges. Now the color finisher can add to the polish of the picture the steadying of the image to a certain extent in Final Cut Pro using “Smoothcam”. I have applied this on two shows, one with 16mm origination and another from Super8mm, and even one shot digitally that might have induced sea sickness.
Give Smoothcam a try.
You will find it in the Video folder in the Effects browser in Final Cut Pro.

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