Oscar Show Gives Short Shrift to Color Science Award Winners

I’m over the moon that San Francisco Art Institute alumnus Kathryn Bigelow broke the glass ceiling for Best Director at tonight’s Academy Awards.
It was a great night for PIXAR, too, but Coraline’s local director Henry Sellick will be back! Dan Ellsberg at least got a cut away close up even though Judy Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith didn’t bring Oscar back to Berkeley this time. Skywalker Ranch’s sound artist Laura Hershberg got some overdue attention,too.
The Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards (many for color science this year, the rocket scientists who have my back) didn’t merit an announcement this year but here’s to the brains of our operation, the “ones” who don’t let the rest look like “zeros”. A very classy Sandra Bullock was gracious enough to get that and acknowledge the scientists and cinematographers behind the lenses.
I hoist my pocket protector to her and the award winners in the link I’ve attached.
Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievements

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