Trader Joe’s Volunteer Ad Man

I’m thinking of making a chart about San Francisco Bay Area filmmaking called “Six Degrees of Separation from John Korty”, the man who directly or indirectly gave many filmmakers, including David Fincher (“Benjamin Button”) and Henry Sellick (“Coraline”) their first jobs. Korty was the maverick who blazed the trail for the Coppola-Lucas horsemen of the Apocalypse Now to ride into town later and launch American Zoetrope.
Korty told me about one young filmmaker who handed him his business card that read:
“Carl Willat-Teenager”
Carl got a job with Korty and later became one of the animation directors at the late great Colossal Pictures. If you remember Hershey’s Kisses jumping through lariats or bell-ringing your Merry Christmas, they came to life from Carl and company.

Today on NPR, Trader Joe’s was the subject of a business story that featured the one note samba jingle of an ad Carl made clandestinely. He probably never got a dime from TJ but his free advertising is on You Tube:
Trader Joe’s Volunteer Ad

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