The Barber of Birmingham

The film The Barber of Birmingham directed by Robin Fryday and the late Gail Dolgin is about the Alabama civil rights worker who went to jail trying to get his sons in an integrated school, defying the armed power of George Wallace and uniformed State troopers, who marched on Selma and was brutally attacked, who lived to see an African American President inaugurated, and who cut Martin Luther King’s hair.
The film premiered at Sundance this January and that is something of a miracle performed by the solidarity efforts of the community of the Zaentz Film Center in Berkeley who came together to complete Gail Dolgin’s last film after her loss to cancer in the fall of 2010.
The film played in the Alan Splet Theater February 8th, hosted by Abby Ginzberg and projected by the pixel shepherds at Colorflow to a house full of Gail’s community of friends.

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