Two New Indie Features

I had the recent pleasure working on two locally filmed narratives. Oakville was directed by Lisbon Okafor, a former client from the gilded 90s when we worked on Macy’s Broadcast commercials he directed. Lisbon’s film is an absolute gem, shot on a Canon DSLR, and does for the city of Oakland what Woody Allen did for his beloved Manhattan. The town looks stunning, architectural locations decorated by the vivid glory of the season’s changes in plant color. The script and acting are out of the top drawer. Half the pleasure is guessing Lisbon’s abundant homages to the pantheon of cinema precursors, like browsing the catalog of Janus Films or the Criterion Collection. I spotted Michael Powell’s The Red Shoes reference.
Tip of the colorist cap to cinematographer Todd Tankersley, using Hasselblad lenses.

Also, I recently finished color for Kai Barry’s film Juko’s Time Machine , shot on a RED camera. The script is very clever, a romantic comedy for brainiacs who do hard puzzles for grins, with first rate acting. Kai’s editing is a gleeful dance to the music of time, warped though it may be.

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