Better This World , directed by my clients Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega premieres on PBS “POV” this Tuesday night September 6 at 10PM on KQED (consult the link page for your local listing).
This is a doc constructed like a political thriller with surprising twists along the way.
Were the protagonists, two red-blooded Texas boys from Midland, provoked by a charismatic activist, or were they responsible for their own step from non-violent civil disobedience to bomb making? How much is this case an entrapment by the FBI in a post 9/11 America surrendering its civil liberties?
My kudos to Oakland based editor Gregory O’Toole for his story-telling contributions. The Berkeley directors collaborated with an Austin, Texas based production company.
The films award wins include the Best Documentary Feature in the 2011 San Francisco International Film Festival.

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