Coates Promotes Tiffany Shlain’s CONNECTED and the Technological Sabbatical, too

Connected , a film by my client Tiffany Shlain has its theatrical release this week, playing in San Francisco at the Embarcadero Cinema.

This film tries to draw on connections cybernetic and intellectual in a matrix of information illustrated with very crafty graphic design and clever use of stock film footage. The subject of social connection by technological means in the affluent West is often hard to follow in Shlain’s essay film but manifests itself best when the focus is on the central connection: Tiffany and her genius father Leonard, a nurturing, affable, and brilliant mensch every daughter can dream to call Papa.

Family relations provide the only dependable core in this world web spun too wide by the cyber-arachnids for mere mortals to coil. The meaning of the universe might best be found in the grain of sand. That is why we have poets of cosmic consciousness like William Blake to explain it for us: see, “Auguries of Innocence” .

My favorite concept take away from CONNECTED is when Tiffany and her husband make a pact for a technological Shabbat ( the Jewish sabbath for those chum not also in the Red Sea Pedestrian Tribe). One day a week coincident with a prescribed day of rest, the family turns off their technological devices, the better to share and enjoy real interpersonal interaction..

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