SF Film Festival Premiere: Informant

SF Film Festival Premiere: The Informant

We just finished color and mastering for Informant by Jamie Meltzer, premiering Sunday night April 22 at 9PM at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema.

The film makes an interesting complement to last year’s festival winner for Best Documentary Better This World about the two Austin men Brandon Darby informed on to the FBI.

The path of Brandon Darby from the community activist hero of post-Katrina New Orleans to a Tea Party confederate by way of turning in his affinity group members at the 2008 Republican National Convention makes quite a bowl of “Rashomon”.

The filmmaker has bent himself into a pretzel to remain fair to his subject and entrusting his audience to use their own heads as Darby tells his own story in direct address. 

Top drawer RED ( as in the camera) cinematography by Frazer Bradshaw. 


“And that’s why I’m turning you in” -Phil Ochs, Love Me, I’m a Liberal

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