Coates Promotes The Magnificent Seven at the Mill Valley Film Festival

Seven of my clients will screen their work at the 35th annual Mill Valley Film Festival this October.

Kelly Richardson’s “Without a Net” is a hopeful look into the lives of impoverished dwellers of a Rio de Janeiro favela who raise themselves up to great feats in their work in a circus.

Kristy Guevara Flanagan’s “Wonder Women: The Untold Story of America’s Superheroines” celebrates the comic book character and other positive media role models in the testimonies of Gloria Steinem, Linda Carter, and feminist scholars.

Lisa and Rob Fruchtman’s “Sweet Dreams” is a surprise delight about a thrilling women’s drumming group and ice cream making collective in beautiful Rwanda reconciling after its genocidal holocaust.

Emiko Omori’s “To Chris Marker: An Unsent Letter” is a love letter homage to the recently departed French cinéaste who inspired so many of us with “Sans Soleil” and “La Jetée” which will be screened with the program.

Judith Lit’s “After Winter, Spring” observes the slow, natural rhythms of French peasant life in the rural Périgord landscape, preserved by its farmers in centuries old practices on the brink of extinction.

Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto’s “Rebels With a Cause” recalls the valiant efforts of West Marin farmers and ranchers in league with a zealous Congressman, pioneering environmental activists and exemplary Progressive Republicans who in a rare moment in political time saved the Point Reyes national Seashore and connected up public spaces to make the Golden Gate Recreational Area now in its 50th anniversary year.

The Mill Valley Film Group’s “The New Environmentalists 2012” celebrates the international heroes of the Goldman Environmental Prize, some who face harassment and threats against their lives to save the planet for everyone.

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