San Francisco filmmakers make The Library of Congress National Film Registry

The Library of Congress today announced 25 film titles for preservation on the list of The National Film Registry.
The list includes some San Francisco Bay Area notables, all three of whom at one time or another have been my clients.

“Hours for Jerome” by Nathaniel Dorsky
“Samsara” by Ellen Bruno
“The Life and Times of Harvey Milk” by Rob Epstein

I did film timing for “Hours for Jerome” for “Nick” Dorsky at W.A. Palmer Films where we also did optical printing of archival material of Harvey Milk, some of it shot by W.A.Palmer employee Michael Cassidy, for Rob’s film.

Ellen was a film lab client at Diner+Allied and more recently my digital era client on her film about human rights for the United Nations “A Path to Dignity”

“Dirty Harry” also made the list starring San Francisco native Clint Eastwood. Can readers identify the location of the fast food restaurant at the beginning of the film?

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