Mind the Gap: Bridging Generations at The Zaentz Media Center

Two items in the press appeared this week that struck my attention.
One is the press announcement appearing in film/video industry trade publications of the launch of COLORFLOW , a color grading and post production facility in Berkeley’s Zaentz Media Center , a group of people I have been associated with since its earlier smaller debut on the third floor.

The other item in the press is the obituary of Irving Saraf , listing a lifetime of accomplishments and among them is his role as a founder of Fantasy Films and the Saul Zaentz Film Center.

Colorflow’s centerpiece is the digital cinema grading space it has made of the Jacobs Theater.
The theater is named for Ron Jacobs, the San Francisco State University undergraduate teaching assistant who taught me how to operate a Nagra sound recorder and to thread magnetic film dubbers for my student film sound mix. Irving Saraf , then on faculty at SFSU, recognized Ron’s ability and hired him to help launch the Zaentz Film Center.
Irving and Ron are now both gone. But while I’m around, they are not forgotten.
Readers of the blog who would like a tour of Colorflow may contact me. The espresso alone is worth the crossing of the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to the People’s Republic of Berkeley. And the lobby hosts a gallery of posters of the films made in the House Irving and Ron built.

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