“The Galapagos Affair” premieres at Telluride

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came To Eden had its world premiere at Telluride Film Festival August 29 after an announcement that Zeitgeist Films has signed on to distribute the film theatrically.

“Darwin Meets Hitchcock”, the two hour documentary unfolds like a crime thriller about 1930s German ex-patriot Utopians, two couples and one menage-a-trois, performing a social experiment in Darwin’s Galapagos laboratory setting. The tale turns into a who-done-it mystery from the point of view of a long-lived tortoise and the tortoise ain’t talkin’, see? Before the picture ends four in the party are dead or missing.
The detectives on the case are co-directors Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller with their award winning editor Bill Weber.
The film is rich with 1930s scientific expedition film footage about the island inhabitants shot a la Robert Flaherty, and hence I like to call this Nanook of The North By Northwest.
The extraordinary footage has been treated with a minimalist drop of color, green for one couple, brown for another, and purple for the triad of Baroness Von Wagner. The directors and I came up with this scheme and I especially like this nuanced use of color for narrative purpose.
And we did our work in good old Final Cut Pro’s yeoman tools.
My colleague Adam Gerardin of Colorflow delivered a beautiful Digital Cinema Package master, artfully employing the Teranex to convert from 29.97 frames per second to 24.
Catch a glimpse of the tortoise’s watchful stink eye on our
Colorflow website.

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