Warp Speed to Sundance, Mr. Takei

My clients director Jennifer Kroot and editor/co-director Bill Weber are nearly sold out on four screenings at Sundance 2014 with their new documentary


George Takei’s story has many acts: the Japanese-American child interned during World War II, the pioneering Asian American actor, the breaker of the Driving While Asian stereotype as the Great Helmsman of the Starship Enterprise, the political activist, the Hollywood actor who came out of the closet, the marriage equality advocate, the comics convention draw, and the Facebook phenomenon.
The show’s co-star is his husband Brad who grabs the steering wheel and steals the movie. The vehicle is hilarious most of the time but with great poignance when gravity takes over the spaceship.

As Jennifer’s previous subject George Kuchar would say “It’s gonna be a really big pictcha!”



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