Regarding Susan Sontag, directed by my client Nancy Kates will have its world premiere at the TRIBECA Film Festival this April.


Nancy Kates has fashioned a stimulating visual story from the abstract life of the mind of a major twentieth century public intellectual and activist. Nancy collaborated with Bay Area cinematographer Sophie Constantinou, editor John Haptas, the post production team at Skywalker Sound and Zoetrope Aubry Productions where I spent a week on their DaVinci RESOLVE.

Kates and Constantinou created fluid projection surfaces to animate the iconography of Sontag’s published life. Haptas applied color and compositing treatments to enhance the cut-up and splicing tape collage re-assembled films of Sontag as a photographed subject.
Constantinou also filmed Kates’s interviews with intimates of Sontag who do not shirk from critical recall of Sontag’s contradictions and the mix of successes and failures in professional and personal lives. 
The film makes a fair report of Susan Sontag that includes many of her brave stands against the Vietnam War, the siege of Sarajevo, the brutishness of Norman Mailer, AIDS and the illnesses that afflicted herself.

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