San Francisco Cinema may have a hit on its hands.

Directors Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller spun gold out of the scattered straw of archival film and out-of-print memories by way of their own Rumplestiltskin alchemist, the film editor Bill Weber. 

THE GALAPAGOS AFFAIR: SATAN CAME TO EDEN is in the opening weeks of a theatrical run and the local opening met with exuberant praise from newspaper film critic Mick LaSalle, a repository of inertia not easily moved. LaSalle’s review earned for the film the icon of the San Francisco Chronicle Mini Man launched from his chair, the ecstatic phase of our Muybridge animation of several  stages of arousal from comatose by boredom to elated levitation. The great film critics Siskel and Ebert were reduced to symbolic digital on and off with the thumb of Caesar erect or downcast, a feeble summary of the richly contoured thumbprint of their written reviews.

But it is only a credible triumph when the local film gets outside the province and gets proper attention from another critic and community. 
So thank you, Ken Turan of The Los Angeles Times, for being that critic who aptly describes the virtues of this film and helps it along the way to a larger audience and maybe one of those statues Southern Californians hand out midwinter.

Ken Turan reviews the film.

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