In Memory of Bill Caldwell

I met Bill Caldwell in 1977 at San Francisco State University Department of Cinema.
We became filmmaking partners in a larger group of friends our senior year in college.
Our mutual project was a noble failure (mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) but Bill and some of the other comrades nobly supplied film in it that was of great use to the American Indian Movement in their resistance to uranium mining on their native land.

We all parted but  a few years later in the 1980s Bill and I resumed contact. He had married a lovely woman whose excellent taste in clothes draped Bill in dapper dash chic and my former scruffy hippie pal then wore a new coat of polish well.

Bill needed work and I put him into a job with me at Diner+Allied, he a videotape operator. He continued to pursue his true talent for photography and was my wedding photographer in 1989.

Bill over the years took many fine pictures, from his time in the military in Germany in the Vietnam era where he photographed rock and roll shows to later in his career when he made panoramic prints for Oakland corporate clients including the Oakland A’s.

He published a Photo Directory book with links to photography resources in the Bay Area, much analogous to the San Francisco Reel Directory.

Bill died Oct 17 at 11PM, on the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Semper fi, charming Billy.

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