“Havana Curve Ball” Crosses Home Plate In Havana Most Serendipitously

I had the pleasure of working on not one but two Bay Area documentaries about acts of diplomacy as mitzvah where Bay Area Americans brought material aid in baseball equipment to embargoed Cuba.

These films are Eugene Corr’s “From Ghost Town to Havana” and Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider’s “Havana Curve Ball”. Both of them I color-finished in Final Cut Pro, by the way.

The latter named film just happened to be screened in Havana  at the U.S. Interest Section headquarters  the same day President Obama announced the normalization of relations between the two countries after a half century of Cold War hostilities.

We call that “Documentary Gold” in my circle of friends.

Here is an article about the event written by Leah Garchik of the San Francisco Chronicle who in my personal history was a fellow member of the Haight Ashbury Group 80 chapter of Amnesty International where we wrote letters on occasion calling for the release of Cuban political prisoners. Part of the new engagement includes the release of some political prisoners. It makes a good first inning in a whole new game of Beisbol.

Our Man in Havana: Ken Schneider

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