Coates Promotes The Bay Area Theatrical Release of STATES OF GRACE January 5-12

Coates Promotes the January 5th-12th Theatrical Release of STATES OF GRACE

When friends visit me from the Midwest I take them for a vegetarian meal at Green’s Restaurant at Fort Mason in San Francisco for a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge in a calm setting and if they are up for it a post-prandial walk from the Marina’s fort to the other fort at the base of the bridge.

The San Francisco Zen Center’s Green Gulch Farm grows the produce the creative cooks prepare.
Fu Schroeder, an ordained Buddhist priest is the director of the farm and lives in Green Gulch in Marin County with her partner Dr. Grace Dammann and the daughter they adopted as a baby born in a severe health crisis and who is now in college.

Dr. Dammann was an early responder to the health crisis of the AIDS epidemic when it first hit San Francisco and served as a doctor to those living and dying from the disease when no one knew what it was. The Dalai Lama recognized and honored her compassionate medical practice.

Her Buddhist practice came to matter a great deal when she came into her own health crisis emergency.
Dr. Dammann was crushed in her car in a head on collision on the Golden Gate Bridge. She survived the accident but this film is about the years of coma, multiple major surgeries, extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation before she was able to return to medical practice.

Filmmakers Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman and their editor Kenji Yamamoto tell the story of grace: the woman so named, the web of friends especially Fu and the medical teams and aids who incarnate the practice of grace in their dedication to Dr. Dammann’s well being.

Grace will attend some of the theatrical screenings. She will also attend the January 11 ribbon cutting for a new barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent what happened to her happening ever again to another.

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