RETURN TO DAK TO Screens at the Roxie Cinema April 15 at 7PM

RETURN TO DAK TO written and directed by Christopher Upham earned a citation prize at the Black Maria Film Festival. It receives a local showcase at the Roxie Cinema this April 15th at 7PM with the filmmaker present.

The film is of the cinema of reconciliation among former enemies and within troubled consciences.
Mr. Upham joins fellow veterans to return to the scene of the battle of Dak To in the American War in Vietnam, a name the Vietnamese use to distinguish one of several wars against foreign armies including the Japanese, the French,The United States, and the People’s Republic of China.
It is a fitting time for this reflection as we now approach the fortieth anniversary this April 30th of the end of our war.

Upham enlists the talents of film editor Tracy Loth to construct a memoir from still photos and 8mm and 16mm film archival clips of at times hallucinatory effect. The memories trigger from the contemporary contact of former warriors among the Vietnamese people, some too young to have a memory of any of these wars. The montage has the sudden sharp interruptions of war impinging on consciousness as the veterans would have known.
Ms. Loth’s keen sense of sound gave ample inspiration for sound artist James LeBrecht to make his mix.

Color and cinematography enhancement by self on DaVinci Resolve.

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