END GAME  is a new work of nonfiction cinema from Telling Pictures.

It premieres at Sundance 2018 and will stream on Netflix later this Spring.

We performed the color grade and online editorial conforming at Zoetrope Aubry Productions.

This is a film of extraordinary intimacy as it enters the last days of lives ending in hospital, hospice, or at home. The San Francisco Zen Hospice is featured as well as the University of California San Francisco Medical Center Hospital.

The participants were courageous and we have been given a great gift from them to face what we all must inevitably do.

RITOMA: An “Eastern” with Tibetan Cowboys

Ruby Yang has just completed post production in the Bay Area on RITOMA, her new nonfiction film. Veterans of the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative Master Classes 2017, Dan Olmsted and myself, have polished the picture and sound.

Ruby has directed a look of muted color and soft contrast ,much like our most recent collaboration “In Search of Perfect Consonance” we like to call the Ektachrome Commercial Reversal look.


Oh to be in April when the Green Cinema is there

April has been my month for the Green Cinema.
Clients included:

“Wild Aid” with a feature doc for Chinese television to protect the Manta Ray

“The Goldman Environmental Prize 2017” with the Mill Valley Film Group

“Evolution of Organic” directed by Mark Kitchell premiered at the San Francisco Green Film Festival

“The Women’s March” directed by Mischa Hedges for Trim Tab Media produced by Iliani Matisse premiered at The SF Green Film Festival

More, please.

The Goldman Environmental Prize 2017

Present Cinema: The Telluride Film Festival premiere of MEN: A LOVE STORY


MEN: A LOVE STORY  from Northern California’s director Mimi Chakarova and editor Stephanie Mechura premieres.

It’s a road movie filmed by women looking for a redemptive side of men by coaxing them to tell their love stories. The first ten minute preview I saw convinced me I wanted to take the assignment: a reel of hard bit cowboys and oil rig worker who could model and an Oakland elder with a life force appetite as voracious as his twenty year old self.
The film has an original musical score performed by many, among them Nels Cline of Wilco and some of the subjects themselves who sing and play Americana roots music.
What do these men love: many of them love to cook and don’t come to the theater hungry unless you’re in an Alamo Drafthouse.
The American landscape and portrait cinematography by Stefania Rousselle and Mimi Chakarova is gorgeous.

New films from Clint Eastwood, Damien Chazelle and Denis Villeneuve are set for this year’s SHOW, commencing Friday.